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About the Artist

Gabrielle Friedman is a jewelry designer and goldsmith. Her jewelry is handcrafted so that each piece is one-of-a-kind. Although her style has an organic edge, her jewelry creations are executed with both skill and great care. Each and every detail is intentional and provocative and as singular as the person whom they will adorn.

Gabrielle holds a master's degree in art therapy and finds that her creations in metal relate to her life experiences. Her process and style are influenced by the natural beauty and majestic landscape of her childhood home, Cape Town, South Africa. Evident is the mystique of history, culture and refinement, each piece bearing the marks of its own creation. As the sun, the land and the ethos of her homeland are at once both stunning and raw, Gabrielle's pieces pull the eye to the surfaces of the metal in order to experience the contrasts. The cracks and crevices in her metalwork are evocative of parched African lands, while that earthiness is softened by the twinkling relief of nature's bounty - white, black, champagne and cognac diamonds,colorful tourmaline and lustrous opal. It is this contrast that makes her jewelry so alluring, giving it both depth and soul.

Gabrielle uses heat and wax techniques to manipulate her metals, and incorporates 18K gold, sterling silver, diamonds and precious stones to create a style that is simultaneously rustic, organic, refined and elegant. 

Her signature necklaces showcase individually-selected precious and semi-precious stones surrounded elegantly by textured precious metal. These charms sit delicately in the hollow of the neck as evocative statement pieces that transition seamlessly from casual daywear to evening dress. This manner of ease, making the sophisticated casual and the casual sophisticated, is very much a part of life in Cape Town. Each of these pieces are one of a kind and are created specifically to showcase the unique beauty of the particular stone chosen.

Her Botswana fluidity cuffs are reminiscent of the wild animals one sees on Safari. The cuffs are strong, fluid, powerful, elegant and hard to forget. The black oxidized cuff is reminiscent of the exquisite coat of the zebra, the gold cuff harkens the courage of the lion, and the silver cuff is evocative of the lithe springbok. 

Gabrielle Friedman's jewelry has been showcased in some of Nashville, Tennessee's top galleries, as well as in stores in Beverly Hills and Palo Alto, California. Her jewelry was also featured during Fashion Week in Milan in February, 2017.

She has been featured in Nashville Arts Magazine and the 2016 Italian Artistar Jewels European catalog and most recently her work was showcased in British Vogue(2018).

Friedman lives with her husband Wallace and has two daughters. She works out of her studio in Nashville, Tennessee.